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What is Halloween all about? If we ask our nephews and little sisters it’s all about skulls, spiders, plastic costume, scary sounds, candy, and more candy. In our book it’s all about celebration of the dead, and we would never miss a change to celebrate anything. We want to share this scary night with one […]Continue Reading


A true Galician Darling is the ‘Pimientos de Padrón’. It’s the cutest little green pepper and it’s served at almost every bar in Galicia. There are many small peppers – but the best and the only ones you should put your teeth into are the real ones from Padrón a smaller village in the province […]Continue Reading


Thank You from Tele Cocina on Vimeo. Thanks to you we had a great first year in the kitchen. Thank you for your likes on Facebook. For your comments. Your request on trying something new and presents. Thank you for visiting us in the kitchen. We love your company.Continue Reading