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What’s for dessert? A jelly shot. It easy, you can make them the day before, and maybe something your guest have never seen or tasted before. The first time we made this dessert we used cherry and a white dessert wine. The second time we used blueberries and white dessert wine – even though the […]Continue Reading


These onions are perfect if you want something homemade and quick to go with cheese, charcuterie, Danish leverpostej or sylte. This recipe is a cheater’s recipe – because you and can eat these picked onions right away. Off course it is worth waiting a week or two for the flavour to develop. If you don’t […]Continue Reading


Christmas 2012 is extra sweet. Like always, we have made some of our favourite Christmas sweets but this year we spiced up the sugar. One of our favourite sweets is ‘frugtflæsk’. An old school Danish classic. Our moms use to make them when we where kids. If you haven’t  tried frugtflæsk it’s more or less like […]Continue Reading


If you have something good, stick to it. That counts whatever it comes to love, friends or kitchen equiptment. One thing is sure, Tele Cocina loves good kitchen equiptment and ‘No kitchen without sharp knives’. Therefore, we went to the market in Santiago de Compostela and after 30 minutes a true galician expert had grinded our […]Continue Reading


Meet a worldwide darling. This kind of cake is known all over the world and goes under many names. In Denmark it’s called ‘Roulade’, in Switserland a ‘Biskuitroulade’, in Indonesia a ‘Bolu Gulung’, and in United Kingdom a ‘Swiss roll’. Tele Cocina was inspired to try this cake when we spend our summer holiday in […]Continue Reading