One year ago, we served our very first video – ‘Damesnitter’. A Danish cake made with a lot of butter, flour, raspberry and frosting. One of our favourites since we were kids. And since that day we have tasted some of the world’s best food: Old fashion Danish dishes. A lot of grandma’s traditional Spanish food. And guest chefs came all the way from Columbia, Italy and the Danish DJ Thomas Madvig invited us on a cold January evening around the world on a stock and a dessert. We have been fishing (with out much luck) and served a 3-course dinner in Zürich. It’s been fun, overwhelming, and we are hungry for more.

And to be honest. We love when you visit us. We love your company and your comments and requests. You have been the very best ingredient. Thank you.

So you deserve a cake. A tall cake made with homemade chocolate sponges and orange icing. We hope you like it.

Happy Birthday.

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