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At 06.31 this freezing, snowing morning we arrived at Copenhagen Fish Market to buy lobsters for tonight’s dinner.  It’s a fantastic market, the prices are reasonable, and the fishermen very friendly, they like to welcome you with big hugs. Todays catch: 3 lobsters, razor shells, cocklesand, mussels and some new friends. Disfruta. You find the Continue Reading


If you have something good, stick to it. That counts whatever it comes to love, friends or kitchen equiptment. One thing is sure, Tele Cocina loves good kitchen equiptment and ‘No kitchen without sharp knives’. Therefore, we went to the market in Santiago de Compostela and after 30 minutes a true galician expert had grinded our Continue Reading


Travel is living. So this summer Tele Cocina decided to go back to where we were born, Santiago de Compostela. This town is the beautiful capital of Galicia, the goal for pilgrims from all over the world, and the place where pulpo, pimientos, bacalao and mariscos are on the menu. This marked has been in Continue Reading