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Cheese, cream and butter – it can’t get any fatter OR better!! There are many different kinds of cheese cakes and lots of them are made without oven – this one is a spanish one, and it likes heat. You’ll find baked cheesecake in almost every spanish pastelerias (bakeries), and they look like beautiful yellow, Continue Reading


If you have something good, stick to it. That counts whatever it comes to love, friends or kitchen equiptment. One thing is sure, Tele Cocina loves good kitchen equiptment and ‘No kitchen without sharp knives’. Therefore, we went to the market in Santiago de Compostela and after 30 minutes a true galician expert had grinded our Continue Reading


A true Galician Darling is the ‘Pimientos de Padrón’. It’s the cutest little green pepper and it’s served at almost every bar in Galicia. There are many small peppers – but the best and the only ones you should put your teeth into are the real ones from Padrón a smaller village in the province Continue Reading


One year ago, we served our very first video – ‘Damesnitter’. A Danish cake made with a lot of butter, flour, raspberry and frosting. One of our favourites since we were kids. And since that day we have tasted some of the world’s best food: Old fashion Danish dishes. A lot of grandma’s traditional Spanish Continue Reading


Hungry? This is a quick’n’crunchy lunch. You just need fresh fish, (day-old) bread, parmesan, capers, tartare sauce and a twist of lemon. And wupti, lunch is served. This dish is more or less a Danish ‘fiskefilet’ you normally eat with potatoes and ‘remoulade’ or sauce – this one is just wrapped in bred and with fries Continue Reading


Bacalao is salted cod. The salted fish is wellknown in the north of Europe, and the tradition is most likely adopted from there. Salting is a way to preserve fresh fish and meat and it was very convenient before we had the refrigerator. It made it possible to serve fish to the farmer fare from Continue Reading


In Galicia the weather can be very wet. In fact Santiago, the capital, is called ‘Spains shower’. The landscape in the nothern autonomous is due to the large amount of rain very green and moist. And it has the soil to grow the best vegetables. Lentils are normally a dish served when it’s cold and Continue Reading


Travel is living. So this summer Tele Cocina decided to go back to where we were born, Santiago de Compostela. This town is the beautiful capital of Galicia, the goal for pilgrims from all over the world, and the place where pulpo, pimientos, bacalao and mariscos are on the menu. This marked has been in Continue Reading